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Face Oil, the skincare superstar

Posted by Mabel Pang on
Face Oil, the skincare superstar

Face Oil at the Centre Stage

Face oils are taking the spotlight in the beauty arena lately and understandably so because of their richness in essential fatty acids, which are vital superhero nutrients in moisturising the skin, which is the most basic and core ritual in looking after one’s skin. Science puts that every cell and component of the human body relies on hydration to function effectively. Similarly, the skin is no different without proper hydrating ingredients; the skin can easily break down, making it susceptible to chapped patches increasing the likelihood of irritation and allergies. 

Focusing even more on its highly sought benefits, face oils may be one of the best-kept beauty secrets being used over decades to smooth and soothe the skin.  Predominantly due to its easy absorption capability that leaves the skin quickly moisturised and feeling supple.

What more can be gracious than having such benefits on products that are highly natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Ulan understands the very essence of it all hence fully integrated ancient botanical knowledge with the advancement of dermatological science just to bring forth its renowned ULAN Ageless Aqua Firming Oil, which has the base of macadamia oil, jojoba oil, and rosehip extract that delivers essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals which enhances healthy skin.

ULAN Ageless Aqua Firming Oil has packed all the natural nutrients the skin needs to prevent and treat aging symptoms as its supports repairs the cellular levels.

Indeed, it is the one product that is highly regarded as a necessity to skincare, and its value to your confidence and beauty regime is immeasurable.

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