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Nature meets Science

Natural Skincare

ULAN’s product line is natural, yet highly effective. Each combination of natural ingredients is proven to produce results for a variety of skin types. If you’re looking for the best natural skincare brand in New Zealand, ULAN is a name you can trust.

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Our Mission & Our Vision

ULAN’s mission is simple, to help women feel better by having great skin. Every aspect of the company’s work is executed with this mission in mind.

We aim to be the best in the industry, you have to serve your clients first. The vision of the ULAN natural skincare brand is to become an industry leader in skincare by producing amazing products that help women achieve supple, youthful, and healthy skin. With every swipe of eye serum and hydration cream, clients can be confident that each ingredient has gone through a rigorous testing process to be called the best.

A Passionate Brand Means

Superior Skincare

With a passion for both their beloved clients and to revolutionise the global skincare industry, ULAN is here to support all of your skincare needs. Each product is designed with superior absorption properties and the company is backed by over 30 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. You can confidently trust ULAN to support your healthy, active, and social lifestyle.

Founded By


Hi, I’m Mabel, founder of Ulan. Now 37 years old, this is my story.

The History of ULAN