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Ulan's History

I am Mabel the founder of Ulan Skincare. I’m 37 years old and this is my story. 

I grew up watching my elder sisters trying on random products on their skins. At the time I didn’t really get the point behind it. Why would they obsess over something like this? I guess I was too young to understand.

However, once I got into my early teenage years and as the first pimples popped out onto my face, I realized my sisters’ obsession. I also realized that due to hormonal change my baby skin was long gone. 

A lifelong search began for the “miracle” skin solution. Needless to say, that it wasn’t devoid of mistakes and failures. 

First mistake I made was that I didn’t recognise my skin type soon enough, so all I ever bought were completely incompatible products.

Second mistake was thinking that all products are made equal. I never checked their formulation nor did thought it would make any difference.

Another mistake (this one took me long before I realize it) is thinking that moisturising serum were only meant for the elderly. Well, they’re not. Serum must be a pillar to every skin routine regardless of age or skin type. 

Before finally finding products that were adapted to my skin, I had to go through so many brands and so many trials, but most importantly I spent a considerable time educating myself on the basics of skincare. 

To the point where I found myself the most knowledgeable among my friends, so I was always the one helping them determine their skin type and choose compatible products. To be honest, I really liked sharing advice and it even pushed me to further hone and deepen my research. 

That’s how skincare became my passion. It was never planned. Whenever they ask me, I say, “Skincare chose me and not the other way around”. 

With that said, I wasn’t very satisfied with the products available in the market for mainly two reasons. 

First, having learned about the different chemicals used in this industry and their effects on the human body I became very picky and the list of options shrunk quickly for me. 

Second, I felt there is a secret knowledge I could introduce in modern skincare that would bring about unmet results for women. 

Let me explain. I live in New Zealand. In here we have many cultures that contribute to our national patrimony. 

One culture in particular always intrigued me. It belongs to the indigenous Maori people. 

The Maori, thanks to their ancestral culture, carry thousands of years of accumulated wisdom which they use in their everyday life. 

This wisdom tends to cover all aspects of their life…including secret knowledge used by the women to keep their skin healthy and youthful for a long long time.

What’s more, Maori women never resort to synthetic materials, so their skin remedies are totally chemical-free! 

In my quest to discover the secrets behind, I met and spoke to many of their people. I even had the chance to witness the craftsmanship and harvesting of the ingredients, which for a good part tend to be peculiar to our country New Zealand.

Long story short, it didn’t take me long before I decided to team up with NZ’s well-known formulator with over 33 years’ experience in the industry. After all, if there is no solution that fits you out there, the best way to go about it is to create your own. 

That’s how Ulan Skin Care was born. 

A natural eco-friendly and highly effective skincare brand. In 2016 we launched our brand. 

The first samples were given away for free and feedback was unexpectedly very positive. We also sponsored famous beauty models such as Miss World Oceana 2018 and Miss World New Zealand Jessica Tyson, which uses our products in her everyday routine until now.

The force of Ulan is its perfect combination between the latest scientific discoveries in dermatology and botany AND ancestral secret wisdom of Mother Nature held exclusively by the indigenous. 

Safety at the center of our project

At Ulan we realise that a good cream should not only consider the immediate effect on your skin but should also work on maintaining your skin youthful and shiny for many years to come. Even regular and long-term use should never wear your skin or alter its natural properties. This is by the way part of the reason why we make sure our products are 100% natural and chemical-free. 

Surefire value for an always better skin

When it comes to improving your skin and keeping it radiant and youthful, nothing comes closer to certain habits and routines, main of which is constant and regular moisturising. Ulan moisturising serum has proven to be great value-for-money and gives great results for almost any type of skin. 


Unlike other body cosmetics that can sometimes benefit from placebo effect, skin care products are either effective or they’re not. You can simply not trick yourself or your body into improving your skin. At Ulan we realised this, so we focus our efforts on rendering our preparations highly effective, easily absorbed and solidly safe. 

For more self-love & self-confidence 

The first thing a person notices in you is your skin, which is why having your skin in good shape is one of the strongest and most important confidence boosters. Have it in bad shape and everything around you will seem to fall apart. 

We believe a good-looking skin can be a gateway for more success in your life. Ulan will gladly help you achieve this.


"Ulan - Discover the New Woman in You"