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Gua Sha! Why ULAN loves this amazing tool!

Posted by Mabel Pang on
Gua Sha! Why ULAN loves this amazing tool!

The Wisdom of the East in Modern Day

Gua Sha a Chinese word that is pronounced as Gwah-Shah is defined in two parts — “Gua” means “scrape” while ‘Sha’ is said to mean “sand” by some people, while others seem to give it “redness of skin”. Simply this could be put as method of scraping away disease, fever or some type of sickness from the body generally. However, other words for the term “Gua Sha” are skin scraping, spooning, coining.  

Gua Sha NZ

Going back to its beginning back in 14th  century onwards, Gua Sha has already been prominent to unblock and restore the flow of one’s Qi which must be balanced and flowing freely to ensure health and wellbeing.

Gathering from such wisdom creating balance, health and wellness, there is no doubt on the benefits Gua Sha can bring all the more combine it with the  synergistic formula of more than 20 proven botanicals behind Ulan Aqua Firming Oil that is uniquely designed to lock in skin moisture then there is surely a marvelous effects waiting to happen on your skin.  This is a perfect harmony to treating you with the best skin ever - glowing and remaining youthful and vibrant especially after each tiring day. 

It is recommended the daily use and rhythm of applying Ulan Aqua Firming Oil and carefully using Gua Sha to scrape and lift the facial muscles with tender strokes to improve the movements of lymphatic fluids and increase blood circulation which essentially results in smoother and firmer skin not to mention the component Astathanxin in Ulan Aqua Firming Oil which a powerful antioxidant that supports healthy skin and repair at the cellular level.

In a nutshell, the wisdom behind Gua Sha has lived and been passed onto many generations and Ulan has just got the right product to enhance the effects to create a better, balanced, more beautiful YOU.

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